Our goal is to provide agency project managers with exceptional project and program support. We are also experienced with state and local permitting processes.



PMAC is our only business. We constantly work to identify efficiencies and lessons learned from our projects so that agencies and proponents can benefit from our shared experience. Our tiered team approach ensures that the key project manager and deputy project manager are both able to respond quickly to requests from the agency project manager and all other team members.

Galileo understands the importance of clear structure and avoidance of duplicative effort. We focus on the administrative tasks and work products, allowing the agency and other contractors to concentrate on the technical aspects of the project.

PMAC Contractor

› Project start-up documents
› Contact lists
› Public involvement planning and logistics
› Meeting coordination and notes
› Consulting tracking
› Briefing statements and news releases
› Administrative Record

EIS Contractor

› Alternative Development
› Work with agency to develop analysis plan
› Data gap analysis
› Impact analysis
› Write EIS
› Participate in agency consultations and public meetings
› Technical studies as assigned

Proponent’s Contractor

› Assist with application
› Technical and engineering studies as assigned
› Company public relations assistance
› Draft Plan of Development
› Assist with mitigation planning
› Assist with sitting and local permits

Galileo offers a full range of public participation services includes as part of our PMAC services or a la carte.

› Community collaboration & visioning
› Communications & media support
› Public comment analysis & summary

› Skilled facilitators
› Meeting planning & logistics

The Galileo Team knows that great meetings don’t just happen. Great meetings start with a detailed plan that considers both objectives and participants in a customized process design. We can offer the right level of services for your next meeting or event.

› Planning and facilitation of agency, public, and tribal consultation and outreach

› Print and digital campaigns to keep stakeholders up to date on project progress

The distribution and tracking of documents across multiple jurisdictions can be a challenge. Galileo has the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure in place to create a defensible paper trail of the decision making process and to provide participants with the information they need when they need it.

› Compiling comprehensive decision files and administrative records
› Secure sharing of information amongst project team members

› Support processing FOIAs, objections, protests, and legal challenges

Galileo’s approach to document management can assist clients to meet the challenge of keeping project team members adequately and appropriately informed. By maintaining both internal and external ftp site, project team members can have up-to-date access to appropriate meeting notes, current maps, and project documents.

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› Strategic planning
› Team development
› Schedule development and tracking
› Issue identification
› Developing planning
› Agreement, and decision documents
› Coordinating/facilitating meetings

› Coordinating/facilitating meetings
› Tracking document reviews
› Coordinating team
› General problem solving
› Tracking action items and decision points
› Briefings and correspondence

Galileo only works for government agencies
and PMAC is our only business.

Galileo’s diverse project experience has allowed our team to provide project support to hundreds of agency staff from federal, state, and local jurisdictions.

Galileo Project, LLC & Merjent, Inc.

Galileo Project, LLC is excited to announce that we have joined forces with Merjent, Inc.!

Galileo Project, LLC is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Merjent, a company providing a wide range of environmental, engineering, field, land, and restoration services to clients in the pipeline, renewable fuels, electric power generation & transmission, wind & solar energy, and transportation sectors. Together, we provide a more robust range of services for our clients.

For more information on Merjent, Inc visit their website at