Information Management

How can Galileo Project help maintain my project records and keep my project teams informed with the most up to date information?

The distribution and tracking of documents across multiple jurisdictions can be a challenge. Galileo has the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure in place to create an easily accessible paper trail of the decision making process and to provide participants with the information they need when they need it.

Galileo has an experienced team of record management specialists and an approach to information management that has proven to be beneficial on an array of projects. Our experience has shown that early development of a records database, regular audits, and continual input of documents can prove invaluable throughout the lifetime of any large-scale process or project.

Galileo provides the project team with guidelines for submitting documents. We track and input document submittals, and submit documentation requests when missing documents are identified. At a moments notice we can create document inventories or search for requested documents by a number of variables. Our QA/QC process ensures you have the records you need when you need them.

Our approach to data-sharing site management can assist clients in meeting the challenges of keeping project team members adequately and appropriately informed. By maintaining both an internal and external ftp site, project team members can have up-to-date access to appropriate meeting notes, current maps, and project documents. A briefing folder providing the most current project information is an invaluable tool in responding to media, stakeholder, or legislative requests.